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A beautiful old villa designed with elegance for the aristocracy. A haven of sophistication and serenity located in the heart of an old village close to the Presidential palace.


A dream-like aristocratic villa in pristine grounds. Villa Bologna is one of the most elegant and grand of Malta’s fine noble houses. Dating back to 1745, the beautiful Villa Bologna was built as a dowry for a Count’s daughter. It has been lovingly cared for over the centuries, and further embellished in the 1930s, with elegant gardens landscaped with fountains, ponds, pergolas, a citrus grove and surrounding lawns; all of which are accessible to guests. The villa today retains an almost fairy-tale atmosphere within a quiet and serene setting in the village of Attard, near the Presidential Palace and gardens of San Anton.

Area Round Tables [10PAX] Long Tables Standing
Front Garden 200 persons 250 persons 700 persons
Back Garden 330 persons 380 persons 600 persons
Marquee 280 persons 330 persons 400 persons
Venue Area 3402 meters2
Number of Rooms 3
Location Type Indoor/Outdoor


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