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The Mediterranean Conference Centre is undoubtedly one of Valletta’s most remarkable buildings, located towards the tip of the peninsula with stunning views of the Grand Harbour.


The sheer size and scale of this building, coupled with several years of laborious restoration make the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC) one of the most architecturally impressive buildings in the capital of Valletta. Landing the prestigious ‘Europa Nostra’ reward for its successful blend of inspiring architecture and modern technology, the MCC is considered one of Malta’s foremost venues. Apart from conferences, the MCC also serves as a backdrop to some of the finest events in Malta including product launches, conventions, exhibitions, banquets, as well as prestigious theatrical performances. The Centre enjoys a number of spaces including the Main Auditorium, Republic Hall as well as the unique La Vallette Hall.

Area Round Tables [10PAX] Long Tables Standing
Sacra Infermeria 1000 persons 800 persons 2300 persons
La Valette 900 persons 700 persons 1500 persons
La Cassiere 60 persons 24 persons 100 persons
Michel Angelo Grima 250 persons 200 persons 400 persons
Roof Terrace 700 persons 700 persons 700 persons
Venue Area 4250 meters2
Location Type Indoor/Outdoor*
Number of Rooms 5
Terrace* 1


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